Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado the Opioid Abuse Treatment and Rehab Center has been around for nearly a decade. In that decade we have helped thousands of people receive the

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What Our Patients say about us

It just creeps up on you, honestly.

“I had a good life before my opioid addiction started. I taught the third grade at a highly rated school. I loved my job and my kids, and I was happy. One winter I slipped on a patch of ice and seriously hurt my hip. That was the beginning.

I was prescribed opioid painkillers for the intense pain brought on by my hip. At first, I was careful and took them only as prescribed. But my doctor didn’t explain a thing about tolerance. And soon I was taking more to help myself, and then over time I became addicted.

It just creeps up on you, honestly.

The treatment center got me back up on my feet. It wasn’t so bad that I lost my job, but it was bad enough. I wasn’t focusing, and I accidentally overdosed at home. Luckily my husband found me. After that I had to go through withdrawal and detox.

The doctors were there for me every step of the way. I felt cared for and important. Most of all, I didn’t feel judged, not once. The staff helped me find myself again, a theme that the drugs stole away. I can’t thank the center enough for how it helped me.”

Anne February 4, 2019

When I was sixteen I started juggling a lot of tasks

When I was sixteen I started juggling a lot of tasks. It takes hard work to be a cheerleader, you know? I was on the debate team, in honors classes, lots of clubs. It all looks good on your transcripts.

There was just so much do in a day, to keep track of. I couldn’t ever relax. My mom had this old prescription in her medicine cabinet, and I snagged it, no big deal. It helped me calm down, made me feel good.

I found a kid at school to buy from when I ran out. I didn’t think I was addicted. Not until I failed a drug test for the National Cheer Competition and couldn’t compete. All my hard work, down the drain, and for what?

My parents brought me to the center, and I got help. It was embarrassing. It didn’t feel like I had a drug addiction, but I did. The center taught me what I needed to know the whole time, and helped me through the worst of my withdrawal.

I still go to their support groups so that I don’t feel so alone. The cravings are there, but they help me fight it.”

Brittany March 4, 2019